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HK Glowup Collagen Powder for Women & Men Radiant Skin | Improve Skin Glow Support Elasticity, Firmness & Youthful and Hydration | Vitamin C with Biotin For Hair, Nails - Healthy & Smooth Skin | Champion Drink Orange Flavour (300g - 30 Pcs)

Orange Flavour

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    HK GLOWUP Skin Champion is a comprehensive formula for keeping your skin healthy, young, and radiant. Along with the multiple Vitamins and Biotin, HK Skin Champion Collagen Peptide powder help improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin and boosts hydration to keep skin soft and smooth. Potent antioxidants like Vitamin C help control free radical-induced skin damage and improve skin glow. Biotin, one of the critical ingredients of HK Skin Champion, helps maintain hair health and boost follicle formation as it plays a significant role in keratin protein synthesis.

     HK's Skin Champion visibly improves skin youthfulness by improving skin collagen density. It fights against the oxidative stress caused due to UV radiation, air pollution, and an unhealthy lifestyle that affects the skin's overall appearance

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Reverse Your Age In This Irreversible Life!

You can now reverse your age by boosting your skin's collagen production with HK Glowup Skin Champion Collagen peptide. Packed with vitamins, this collagen powder gives both women and men a radiant and youthful glow. It supports the elasticity and firmness of your skin, while also providing hydration. With added Vitamin C and Biotin, it promotes healthy and smooth skin, as well as strong hair and nails. Enjoy the refreshing taste of the Champion Drink Orange Flavour. Each box contains 30 individual packets, giving you a 300g supply of this skin-enhancing collagen powder. Say goodbye to dull and aging skin, and hello to a glowing and vibrant complexion with HK Glowup Skin Champion Collagen peptide.

Benefits Of Consuming Glowup Skin Champion Collagen peptide With Vitamins Every Day

Skin Champion Help Diminish Wrinkles And Fine Lines

Insufficient collagen levels in our bodies can be caused by harmful UV rays, pollution, poor lifestyle habits, and aging. These factors contribute to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Combat these signs of aging with Glowup Skin Champion for visibly smoother and more supple skin.

Skin Champion Minimizes Scars And Dark Spots

The amino acids present in collagen help minimize the appearance of scars and dark spots formed due to acne and other skin issues. By adding Collagen back into your skin through Skin Champion, one can promote healthy tissue formation, which in turn speeds up the healing process. Get clear, flawless skin by reducing dark spots and scars with this product.

Skin Champion Boosts Hydration

Low levels of Collagen in your body can leave the skin feeling dry and flaky. With HK's Skin Champion, you can add the lost Collagen back to your body which gives your skin the lost hydration to maintain a soft, smooth, and radiant appearance. Formulated to replenish lost Collagen, this product delivers the hydration your skin needs for a visibly soft, smooth, and radiant look.

Skin Champion Makes Skin Firm and Toned

While lotions, creams, and other skin products containing collagen help improve the texture of the skin's outer layer, HK's Skin Champion will treat skin from within. It boosts the Collagen on a deeper level (in the dermis). The dermis layer of skin is responsible for keeping skin firm and tight, so the more Collagen reaches this layer, the more firm and toned your skin will look.

Skin Champion Fights Hair Loss and Treats Grey Hair

The Biotin in Skin Champion help in increasing your body's hair-building proteins, resulting in longer and thicker hair. Your Hair follicle is responsible for producing the pigment that gives hair its color. Skin Champion help reduces the appearance of grey hair by boosting the health of the
hair follicles. You can observe darker and less dry hair with regular usage of Skin Champion

Skin Champion Treats Split Ends And Breakage

HK's Skin Champion is very effective in repairing split ends and maintaining a healthy level of hydration in hair. With HK's Skin Champion, you can expect a professional-grade solution that repairs split ends and provides extensive hydration for your hair. With HK's Skin Champion, you can achieve salon-quality results by effectively repairing split ends and providing intense hydration for your hair.


Pour 250 ml of drinking
water into a glass or tumbler and add one sachet (10gms) of HK's Skin Champion. Upon reconstitution, stir well and use promptly. If you observe any allergies or any kind of reactions, stop consuming the product and consult your healthcare professional immediately.

It is advisable to consume 10 grams of collagen powder daily or as your healthcare professional recommends. It is highly recommended not to exceed the stated daily usage of the powder.

The recommended duration
of usage purely depends on the individual's psychological condition. Ask your healthcare professional and do as directed.