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Lip Colour Correction

Lucky are those who have great lips but smart are those who achieve great lips. Wondering how? Well, everything is possible at HK Permanent Makeup Clinic. Our cosmetic experts color correct your lips in a snap of fingers.

Lip Colour Correction:

In today’s world, everybody has a desire for perfectly shaped and beautiful natural-colored lips. What if your lip color is dark and pigmented? Don't worry, you can transform your dark and pigmented lips with Lip color correction treatment at HK Permanent Makeup Clinic.

What is Lip Color Correction?

Lip Color Correction is a semi-permanent technique that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color and improves the shape of the lips. It addresses various concerns like pigmented lips, lip shape enhancement, and Dark lips.

The Procedure: 

Most Importantly at HK Permanent Makeup Clinic, the first treatment consists of two sessions, we will try to get your natural lip color back. If your lips seem a bit darker, you might need a few extra sessions too. Giving your lips a preferred color is only possible when the lips are back to their natural color (i.e.), pale pink.

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Please note that there is high floating, and many of the slots are booked in advance. So, it is always recommendable to book your place at least a month before. 

No, lip color correction is not permanent. The color lasts for 2 to 3 years before significant fading in the middle area. 

The Lip colour correction process at HK Permanent Makeup Clinic is not that painful. We use a high-quality topical numb cream - the client report zero to minimum pain.

The session takes a minimum of 2.5 hrs to insert natural-looking pigment into your lips using small needles from start to finish. A high-quality numbing cream will be applied at the beginning of the session and stay on for 20 minutes before the process begins.

In the first 7 to 10 days, you will notice scabbing of the color on the lips. Once the scabbing is done, no color on the lips is observed. In a span of the next 45 days the color retention slowly happens. After color retention, based on how much the color is retained, the second session will be performed.

Yes, a preferred colour can be added to the lips only if the lips are not pigmented (already have the pale pink lips). If the lips are pigmented, first we need to do a few sessions to colour correct them before adding any colour.