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Eyebrow Microblading

Do you struggle with thin brows and undefined shapes of brows that make you self conscious about your appearance?

Are you looking for a solution that will last a long time of perfect eyebrow shape and doesn't need to be maintained daily?

Transform your thin and shapeless eyebrows with HK Eyebrow Microblading services. Get natural looking eyebrows and long lasting results from our experienced professionals.

At HK Permanent Makeup Clinic Eyebrow Microblading is perfect for anyone who wants fuller, more defined brows that look completely natural.

What Is Microblading? And How Does It Work?

Microblading, one of the most popular forms of permanent makeup, is a technique that simulates individual hair strokes to fill thin eyebrow areas and make them look fuller. It is a fancy name for eyebrow pigmentation.

Microblading is one of the most popular forms of permanent makeup technique that is used for eyebrows which gives the perfect shape and natural look of eyebrows.

At HK Permanent makeup Clinic, we have three types of eyebrow Microblading.

HK Ombre Brows

is a semi-permanent eyebrow pigmentation technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look. Also known as Powdered Brows, this technique was first developed in Asia and has been around for decades. The Ombre Brows technique gives excellent definition and depth to your eyebrows.

HK Combination Brows

is our signature technique that combines both Microblading and Ombre Brows in a unique fashion. The results may last long for around 2-4 years depending upon skin type, lifestyle, age and how often you get touch-ups and maintain your brows.

HK Microblading

is a cosmetic pigmentation procedure that is done using a manual blade. Unlike a typical tattoo that is permanent, Microblading lasts up to six months. This is because the technique uses small amounts of pigment for a more natural look.


You can either download our HK Permanent makeup App here or click the order now button available on this page to make an appointment. You can also call us directly at 9052339052.

Please note that there is high floating, and many of the slots are booked in advance. So, it is always recommendable to book your place at least a month before. 

The procedure can take three to four hours on average, including the time spent measuring and drawing a symmetrical set of eyebrows and agreeing on your perfect shape and color.

The Microblading procedure at HK Permanent Makeup Clinic is not painful. We use a high-quality topical numb cream - the client report zero to minimum pain. We don’t want to brag, but most of our clients end up sleeping during the process.

It might take 30 days to heal completely. So you need to avoid getting your eyebrows wet or wearing any eyebrow makeup for the first week. At this time, you will be observing mild scabbing. 

Noooo! A big no! We at HK permanent Makeup Clinic are very proud to tell you that we only use plant-derived pigments, which are FDA approved.

If you are not sure how you look, here is good news. Not only does Microblading hurts way less than you think, but also the results don’t last forever. Microblading lasts for a little more than one year.

We don’t recommend Microblading for people under 18 years, pregnant, or nursing. People with diabetes, glaucoma, skin diseases like psoriasis or eczema around the eyebrow area, keloid disorder, skin cancer, etc., are also ineligible. Microblading is a big no for people who are allergic to makeup and are under medications like steroids and ro-accutain.